Premium Package

From $2136 / month​
We are all in on Wellbeing and Performance

Identified staff or Wellbeing Managers will be extensively coached on the principles to genuine wellbeing and how that links to performance.  Our accredited coaches will become part of your team with an evolving focus on the development of their coaching skills and performance outcomes for the entire staff.  Add to this our exclusive interactive software program and you have a completely functional and effective wellbeing platform for your business.

Value Package

From $1045 / month
We are in, but costs are relevant to our business

The full coaching program is still applied to your selected coaches with a limited number of access opportunities to Check5 coaches ongoing.  Inclusive is our interactive software program designed to capitilise on the principle to PROCESS.

Economy Package

From $772 / month
You can still get it done through process

This package cuts to the core of our business – PROCESS.  It is the implementation of the software component with full IT support to your business.  A training session on how to use the software is included in this package.

Professional Development

From $7,500 upfront fee
Connect your leaders

One of our most dynamic packages when it comes to connecting your people and your leaders.  We concentrate on connecting people rather than leadership matrix and complex data analysis.  If we connect, we become genuine.

Expression Session

From $1,200 upfront fee

(Excluding costs) GRATITUDE, OWNERSHIP, HHH, RESILIENCE, NO MIND (just pick one you think will suit)

90-minute session by a Check5 Coach

Many times in delivering to our clients we have experienced the content of a particular module to highly resonate, followed by a request to extend that session to more people within the business. This highly effective session is cost efficient, delivering exceptional outcomes for your people.

Note: Listed prices are excluding GST​