About us


Understanding the many challenges and diverse range of issues related to people management is the core of the Check5 program.  For our clients, our aim is to alleviate those challenges by implementing a dedicated and focused program.  We know that such an approach is an effective performance model – but moving beyond performance which mainly benefits the business, it simultaneously and importantly offers you the confidence that the Wellbeing of your staff is in good hands.

The point of difference in the Check5 method is the introduction of a designated PROCESS toward better outcomes for your people.  From a high-performance perspective, this process continually results in a strong relationship foundation on which to move forward.  In summary, by showing as an employer that you care, performance and wellbeing will naturally improve.

We do not see ourselves as just another consultant, but rather a part of your team and we will take this approach as seriously as you do.


A strong ambition to ensure employers are compliant with psychosocial regulations in the workplace including risk assessment, prevention measures and proactive support systems. 

Program core principles


As simple as it sounds.


Essential to performance outcomes.


Nothing changes without it / ownership.

Where is the workforce heading..?

Extensive research from market leaders including Robert Half International, PAADS (Professional Association Athlete Development Specialists), the New Economic Foundation and AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) has researched data to the value and sustainable improvements of an Interactive Performance and Wellbeing program.

Leaders (Supervisors, Management) are largely NOT responsible for the JOB...!! They are responsible for the people, who are responsible for the JOB...!

Educate for a modern software system using innovative channels to stimulate engagement and facilitate effective knowledge transfer.