Dean Noonan


I look back on my career and realise there has been one constant which I guess relates to my character and where my life satisfaction sits. Many years ago, I was fortunate to recognise the tremendous rewards associated with genuinely helping people. This is the foundation of how we can help your business.

years coaching experience
years in the NSW Police Force
years as the Wellbeing Manager - Newcastle Knights

Dean is the Director of Performance and Wellbeing at Check5 Coaching.  With over 25 years’ experience in Coaching, Wellbeing and People Management.

Dean brings a wealth of experience in the complexity of Performance and Wellbeing having served in the NSW Police (14 Years) and as the Wellbeing Manager for the Newcastle Knights organisation in the National Rugby League (10 years).

He has travelled abroad and can relate extensive life experience to the coaching portfolio, “sometimes, it’s not about what’s in a book.”

From a high-performance perspective Dean can draw on experience working with the following people in coaching:  Wayne Bennett, Alex McKinnon, Michael Hagan, Danny Buderus, Phil Matthews, Nathan Brown, and Adam O’Brien.

He has an extremely strong connection to the community having engaged with numerous charities and community-based organisations extending several years. 

CHECK5  recognizes the intrinsic link between accurate wellbeing and the performance related benefits, the Check5 program can introduce this model to your business platform.  We look forward to engaging these simple principles with your team.

  • Diploma Social Science and Policing
  • Certificate IV Athlete Wellbeing
  • Certificate IV Career Development
  • Mental Health First Aid