“Consultation is key, great to see solutions like this helping businesses consult on Psych safety to refine process and take action, great work Dean.”

Jim Kelly
Director – SafeWork NSW
Swietelsky RAIL australia pty ltd

At SWIETELSKY Rail Australia Pty Ltd our people come first.

We have partnered with Dean Noonan and the team at Check5 Wellbeing and Performance to provide our team with access to an industry leading program that takes a massive leap forward from traditional employee wellbeing and support programs.


We take care of our people because our people take care of our business.

This program simply is second to none in my book.

So proud of our partnership with Dean Noonan and Check5 Wellbeing and Performance to support our people across a wide range of factors that impact individual wellbeing.

Anne Moderno
Managing Director
Swietelsky Rail Australia


Click the link below for more information on the facilitation of the Check 5 Program at Swietelsky.

Swietelsky Rail employees check in for well-being – Rail Express

Cougar Mining Group

Cougar Mining Equipment (merged operations of both Australian Mining Equipment and Cougar Mining Group) have always understood that our people are our most valuable asset. New challenges globally with the pandemic meant we faced significant impact to our workforce mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

We were very fortunate to be introduced to Dean Noonan and the Check 5 program. Rather than reacting (often too late) in relation to our people when they are facing life’s challenges, Check 5 focusses on proactively monitoring and managing 5 facets of peoples’ wellbeing, allowing conversations and flags to be raised and real assistance provided prior to a crisis developing.

The Check 5 program was initially implemented in September 2020 and has been expanded upon since then to now encompass 20 Check 5 coaches in our business.

This has been a game changer for our performance and wellbeing as a workforce and business and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the Check5 Well-being and Performance team.

Sarah Gow
Chief Operating Officer


Hi Dean,

Thanks for taking on the Friday Check 5 sessions. It’s really been beneficial and a privilege to be invited to be a part of it. With everything that is happening at the moment, these sessions could not have come at a better time and it’s a shame that we just missed out on having this final session face to face.

Developing these skills in the construction industry is a massive task but also a massive advantage, and although trying to apply changes has been difficult I am really starting to see results personally and with the team. In a recent staff review, every one of my team of 6 individually outlined our team environment or being part of the Intebuilt team as their favorite part of working for me. A major contribution is because of the awareness that we have adopted and the way we approach each other with challenge and acceptance of what we are good or not so good at. We now communicate so much better and are aware and verbalise our own, or each other’s performances so much better then we did previously and have trust in one another to help and intervene when needed.

Still so much more to recognise, implement, develop and grow, but just wanted to say a huge thankyou for what you have helped to achieve already.

I’m looking forward to catching up, hopefully without a computer monitor in between.
Thanks again Dean,

Damian Ray

Centennial Mandalong

In June 2021 Centennial Mandalong held a Health, Safety and Wellbeing workshop for our entire staff and a significant number of contractors of Mandalong Mine. 

Dean from CHECK5 Coaching was one of our presenters for this event where he delivered content from one module in the Check5 Performance and Wellbeing program. The subject of his session was Gratitude.

The program content, Dean’s delivery style and connection to our people was, based on the feedback we received and, in my opinion, exceptionally well received.

The thing that stood out for us was the tangible and very simple process that our people were able to take home from the presentation.  I am confident the majority of those in attendance received a very positive outcome.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dean and the Check5 program for your business.

Steve Mudford
Health, Safety & Training Superintendent


‘This was a great addition to the day this impacted me on a personal level, I think there should be more of it.’

‘Gratitude presentation – good presentation for people who are a little negative’

‘I liked Dean Noonan – sensational’